2023 DAFESTA Season: Artists, dancers and fashion models Performer announced.

The 2023 DAFESTA Red Carpet Official banner has been revealed. The banner will be on blue background with logos of all our 2023 sponsors.

Thank you so much to all our sponsors for your recent donation to the Des Moines African Youth Festival Awards. You are in the excellent organization of many others who help us further our mission of bringing together talented African youth from around the United States and the world to share their talent with Iowa.

Below is the list of all our 2023 performers, this year’s performer consists of the following musicians, King WillieChidboyMr. NobodyFreddy BoyRay ChrisBin JustinJuma Star, and Dogo Harmo.

We will also have fashion models from around the country that will be representing African culture through fashion, some models consist of Mika modeling agency, a Liberian agency that helps support young Africans with the dream of becoming fashion models. Besides Mika modeling agency, we will also have independent fashion models such Givenci BalociMK De parisGB GabrielEnockJohn Kill, and many more.

Besides musicians and models, we will also have two dance groups; INYANGE CLUB and LONYONDO GROUP.

INYANGE CLUB is a Burundians dance group located in Iowa, they will be representing African culture through Burundian dance and their dressing style. We are happy to have them this year among our 2023 performers.

LONYONDO GROUP is a Congolese dance group located in Iowa, they will be representing African culture through Congolese dance. Their dancing style is very energetic which you don’t want to miss it.

Lastly, we will also have Junior Talent, A BMX RIDER, and UNICYCLE AFRICA that will also be performing at the 2023 Festival.

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