2023 Des Moines African Youth Festival Awards

On July 22nd, 2023, at Prairie Meadows Event Center another history was made as the fourth edition of the Des Moines African Youth Festival came to life.

It was a night of celebration of African music, culture, foods, and seeing the best performances from our most talented African youths across the United States. On that day, 16 awards were given to different talented African youths nationwide.

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Prairie Meadows

Ms. Antoniah

A Radiologic Technologist, A YouTuber, an influencer, and a content creator, from Boise, Idaho.

She loves her family, and she is entertaining to be around.
During her free time, she loves listening to music and dancing.

2023 Award Winners

Best Male Fashion Model: MK De Paris

Best Female Fashion Models: -Mika Models

Best Artist Perfomer: Freddy Boy

Thank you all, for supporting our mission & stay turned for Dafesta 2024.